First Physics Nobel Prizes Set Standard for Radiologists

Toast the Best Radiologists Clip

Do you know how the discovery of radioactive materials and radiation started?  Read the accomplishments of the first four winners of the Nobel Prize in Physics an then consider another common myth about radiologists.

Myth #3: Radiologists are pretty boring.

Fact: Three key traits are common among most radiologists, they are highly inquisitive, they know how to (and are not afraid to) make decisions and they are very good at detecting patterns and connections that others overlook.  These are characteristics that top medical school students already posses when they apply for 4-5 years of post-medical school graduate training in Diagnostic Imaging.  Radiology residencies top that off with the ability to recognize the wild array of health and disease manifestations in the body, the mastery of the math and physics necessary to understand changing cutting-edge imaging technology and exposure to some of the best minds in medicine.  Yet, when you meet radiologists, you find they are musicians, writers, artists and athletes.  You will probably meet them in service to some aspect of your community that they are passionate about.

Radiologists boring?  In the 26 years I have practiced both in academic settings and in private practice, and spoken at meetings all over the world, I have yet to meet a boring radiologist.  Shy? Yes.  Introverted? Sometimes. Boring? Never.

This is a place to celebrate the accomplishments of the men and women who are enjoying their diagnostic imaging careers as an integral part of their well-rounded lives.  They are making a difference.  When you see how they are positively affecting your community, please tell us about it at so we can give them the peer recognition they richly deserve.



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